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First Nation Communities
& First Nation Organizations

Waddington Management Consulting (WMC) Ltd. prides itself in utilizing a “First Nations” made approach in designing workable solutions for First Nation clients. This uniqueness allows WMC to differentiate itself from competitors offering the same or similar service.

Key areas of consultancy specific to First Nation Communities and Organizations include, but are not limited to development and/or renewal of the following:

  • Leadership Governance
    • Band Custom Election Act
    • Executive Act
    • Emergency Assistance Policy
    • Boards and Committees Policy
  • Community Renewal through Strategic Planning
    • Change Management Strategies
    • Vision & Mission Statement
  • Economic Development
    • Business Plan Feasibility Analysis
    • Create linkages to economic opportunities outisde the community
  • Band Administration
    • Human Resource Management
    • Program Management
    • Financial Management
    • Employment Development
      • Assess workforce potential through Community Skills Assessment
      • Identify training opportunities that are practical to labour market needs
      • Create linkages to employment opportunities outside the community

Public & Private Sector Employers

WMC offers a variety of consulting services specific to Employers in the area of Aboriginal employment development. Such services include, but are not limited to:

  • Conduct workplace audits to identify and address potential barriers to entry and support retention
  • Assess workplace culture attitudes, values of staff hierarchy, reward systems, working conditions, policies and procedures
  • Conduct employment audits (I.e. menu of job opportunities) and economic audits (I.e. menu of goods and services) for communication to the Aboriginal community
  • Create linkages to the Aboriginal community for purposes of recruitment and communicating workplace opportunities
  • Provide Aboriginal awareness training to address myths and misconceptions
  • Conduct Corporate Planning strategies that support and embrace change management


Employers aspiring to adopt and support an Aboriginal employment strategy must prepare their workplace to ensure it has the potential to become representative. In this regard, WMC has the expertise and know-how to assist your organization in developing workable human capital strategies that are both fair and inclusive.